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What We Offer

The Complete Packaging Service.

From the outset we assess your specific requirements, taking into consideration the value and fragility of your product, your storage and transport needs, and your product’s target market.

Every part of your packaging is manufactured on site, utilising the latest materials to provide exceptional protection. We also work closely with carton manufacturers and others to offer a complete integrated service.

We design and stringently test the packaging with our own measuring equipment to ensure it meets all your specifications, as well as our own high standards. Our attention to detail is second to none.

A fast, modern production plant and transport fleet ensures a prompt and reliable service throughout the UK.

In urgent cases we can design, produce and test a pack while you wait.

In addition, we provide:

  • A dedicated customer service department
  • Your own specified account manager and designer
  • Kan ban/Fax Ban Deliveries
  • Just-in-time delivery system
  • Ordering via e-mail or fax on a personalised order form
  • Scheduled orders with outstanding quantity maintenance