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Foam Packaging

Tailor made foam packaging solutions

You value your products and so do we. Styrotech offers a bespoke polyethylene and polyurethane foam packaging service which offers the ultimate in product protection – proof against anything UK national carriers can throw at it.

Foam Packaging Solutions Made to Measure

Our most popular packaging material is Stratocell, a closed-cell non-crosslinked polyethylene. It is lightweight but extremely resilient to the roughest treatment in transit.

Stratocell’s flexibility and our cost-effective design minimises material usage and saves you money.

  • Folding Foam Corners

    Folding Foam Corners

  • Stratocell Tote Tray

    Stratocell Tote Tray

  • Foam End Caps

    Foam End Caps

  • Foam & Board Fittings

    Foam & Board Fittings

  • Stratocell end caps

    Stratocell end caps

  • Bespoke Foam Fittings

    Bespoke Foam Fittings

  • Foam Fittings

    Foam Fittings

  • Bespoke Foam Packaging

    Bespoke Foam Packaging

  • Folding Foam Corner

    Folding Foam Corner

  • Foam Corner Protection

    Foam Corner Protection