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Polystyrene Balls


Polystyrene balls, spheres and ovals for all purposes

We can offer the full range of balls, shapes and hemispheres, all available in either natural or flame-retardant polystyrene.

Balls, Spheres and Ovals to Suit Any Purpose

All are hand-finished to Styrotech’s high standard and can be supplied plain or painted and coated to match your display theme or corporate colours.

Painted items can be colour matched by pantone reference using a water-based paint with a soft sheen finish. Surface finishes are from a hotwired machine or hand-sanded.

  • Polystyrene balls

    Polystyrene balls

  • Large Polystyrene Balls

    Large Polystyrene Balls

  • Polystyrene Balls Spheres

    Polystyrene Balls Spheres

  • Polystyrene semi sphere

    Polystyrene semi sphere

  • Painted Polystyrene Spheres

    Painted Polystyrene Spheres

Our polystyrene balls are offered in a range of standard sizes from 100 to 1200mm diameter, with hanging hooks an option on balls up to 600mm and special supports on larger diameters.

One-off special orders are also available – just call with your requirements.