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Polystyrene Sheets & Insulation


High quality polystyrene packing and insulation sheets

We design and manufacture a wide range of polystyrene products for the construction industry, from simple sheets to complex, precision-profiled insulation for extruded aluminium building materials.

Styrotech can provide effective design solutions to your building problems and offer cost-effective quotes for existing projects.

Why Choose Styrotech?

  • Our EPS sheeting meets all building insulation applications
  • SD/N sheeting can be cut from stock to any thickness from 5 to 1,000mm
  • Standard 2400 x 1200 EPS and insulation boards in 25, 50, 75 and 100mm
  • Super-accurate CNC cutting for shuttering, profiles and concrete void formers
  • We can quickly supply polystyrene column formers in any size or thickness
  • We offer on-site delivery across the UK within 48 hours

  • polystyrene insulation

    polystyrene insulation

  • polystyrene sheets

    polystyrene sheets

  • HD polystyrene sheets

    HD polystyrene sheets

  • EPS insulation board

    EPS insulation board

  • Polystyrene packaging sheets

    Polystyrene packaging sheets

  • polystyrene factory

    polystyrene factory

BS EN 13163 (new) grades* BS 3873 (old) grades** Physical Properties
Thermal Conductivity LAMBDA Value (W/mK) Compressive stress at 10% of deformation (kPa) Bending strength (kPa)
EPS 70 SD 0.038 70 115
EPS 100 HD 0.036 100 150
EPS 150 EHD 0.035 150 250
EPS 200 UHD 0.034 200 250