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Polystyrene Profiles, Strips & Pads


Standard and bespoke polystyrene strips, pads and profiles

Standard profiles, cut parts, pads, blocks and protective strips are available in any of the wide range of materials we have in stock.

Packed and Supplied to Suit Your Needs

They can be packed and supplied in a manner to suit your needs, including palletized, square packed, bagged and tumble packed or boxed and tumble packed.

All materials can be supplied with or without self-adhesive backing. The strength and texture of the adhesive can be tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Polystyrene shrink wrapped

    Polystyrene shrink wrapped

  • Polystyrene sheets palletized

    Polystyrene sheets palletized

  • Polystyrene Cut Parts

    Polystyrene Cut Parts

  • Polystyrene & Foam Discs

    Polystyrene & Foam Discs

  • Polystyrene Profiles, Pads and Strips

    Polystyrene Profiles, Pads and Strips

  • Foam Glass Protectors

    Foam Glass Protectors

  • Self Adhesive Backed Polystyrene

    Self Adhesive Backed Polystyrene

  • Self Adhesive Polystyrene Pads

    Self Adhesive Polystyrene Pads