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Cut Foam Products

cut-foam-productsAt Styrotech we take a straightforward and cost-effective approach to foam components and packaging, providing you with effective product protection at a competitive price.

Regular, everyday shapes utilised in general padding, industrial supports and blocks are generally produced with a hand-operated bandknife or high-speed automatic version for high-volume production runs.

Foam Cut to Size for Any Application

Non-linear foam profiles, shapes, gaskets and packaging parts are economically manufactured via CNC hotwire cutting, high-speed die cutting or punching machines. Low set-up and tooling costs make this a highly cost-effective process.

  • Profiled foam supports

    Profiled foam supports

  • Plastazote foam cradle

    Plastazote foam cradle

  • CNC machined foam parts

    CNC machined foam parts

  • Self adhesive backed foam Strips

    Self adhesive backed foam Strips

  • Die cut foam inserts

    Die cut foam inserts

  • Die cut foam inserts

    Die cut foam inserts

  • Foam wedges

    Foam wedges

  • Profiled foam shapes

    Profiled foam shapes

For low-volume or bespoke one-off items Styrotech uses a precision hand-routing process.

For large, high-volume precision parts and tool case inserts requiring precise cutting, Styrotech utilises its high-speed multi-head routers which offers CNC controlled machined parts and guaranteed accuracy time after time.