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Corner & Edge Protection

Styrotech offer a complete range of polystyrene and foam corner protectors which help to reduce shipping costs and also reduce the cost of in-transit breakages incurred. We offer a range of polystyrene and foam edge protection in all shapes and sizes.

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Why Use Styrotech’s Range of Corner/Edge Protection?

  • Standard sized corner protectors
  • Made from polystyrene or foam
  • Ideal for ensuring that delicate corners do not get damaged in transit
  • Can be easily shrink wrapped into postition
  • No order too small
  • Special prices for large volume orders
  • All items in stock ready for shipping
  • Next day delivery

Corner & Edge Protection Solutions

Foam and polystyrene edge protectors and channels are light weight pliable and easy manipulate. Styrotechs low cost range of Polystyrene and Foam edge protectors have been designed to protect the most sensitive parts and edges while in transit.

All foam channels are available in a large range of standard of the shelf thicknesses and can be cut and mitred to bespoke lengths to save you valuable labour cost during packing.The foam channels are best suited to protecting,delicate or sharpe edges on glass, picture frames, mirrors, painted products, tables and sheet products.

Bespoke Polystyrene channels and edge protectors are manufactured to suit individual applications. Light weight, clean and easy to use new designs are usually developed in two / three days either from your own drawings and specification or fitted by our designer’s to suit your product.

  • Polystyrene or Foam
  • Standard sizes or bespoke
  • Ideal edge and corner protection
  • Easily shrunk wrapped into position
  • No Order too small
  • Discounts for large volume orders
  • Next day delivery ( on stock items )

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