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Control of Hazardous Substances at StyroTech

C.O.S.H.H and Expanded Polystyrene (E.P.S)

1) Q. List of Chemical Components
  A. White closed cell material comprising of expandable beads of polystyrene, preformed and fused together in a steam heated mould under pressure.
2) Q. Occupational exposure limits for each component
  A. None. E.P.S is non toxic and non irritant
3) Q. Details of any known synergistic reactions with other substances
  A. None known.
4) Q. Recommend procedures in the event of an emergency, eg. fire, spillage or toxicity.
  A. Only fire applies, E.P.S is a combustible material to B8476:Part 4, Type A (Flame Retardant Additive) is specially formulated to restrict the extent of burn when tested to B84735: 1974 and is classified P, not easily ignitable, when tested to BS476: Part 5: 1979. For fire characteristics and fire performance of E.P.S please refer to BS6203: 1982. Should a fire occurred normal fire evacuation procedure should be carried out.
5) Q. Recommended precautions for handling and storage.
  A. E.P.S can easily be manhandled. Store under cover protected from high winds and raised above damp surfaces. Protect from direct sunlight if exposure is likely to exceed one week. Stack boards flat without bearers
6) Q. Result of any relevant tests.
  A. See 4 above
7) Q. Any hazard that research or experience in the use of this substance has indicated may arise
  A. Only in fire situation. See 4 above.
8) Q. Any information on measure levels of exposure operators using this substance.
  A. No restrictions known.